Sunday, October 06, 2013

Funny turn of event

Today, i lost my phone.

luckily this time, it was just misplaced and found by a right person.

i was at that time post-called /post night shift , and being the anxious and kalut me, i quickly changed from blue scrub gown to my white coat. I tossed all my belongings into the white coat pocket. and leaved.

i did felt uneasy, feeling like something will go wrong, so i inspected my bag on the way back on.

and ta-dah! my phone was not in the bag, not in the white coat as well.
 i went back and searched all places i could think of, and leaved empty handed. i was tired, mentally and physically, so my thought was like "i dont care anymore, just wanna zzz. pfttt"

then at home, by coincident the streamyx guy came, and he told me that i misplaced my phone.

i was in awe.

he told me that somebody picked my phone and answered when he called. he generously lend his phone to me, so i could call to get it back. May god bless your kindness sir and reward it generously.

so i went to OT room, miserably and the truth is, i misplaced both my nametag and phone into wrong pocket of white coat. with my name tag. lol. like a lame attempt to mengorat somebody kan?

in changing room there are few white coat hanging at the same place, i must put it in the wrong one. silly.

and actually, i did guessed that earlier. i rumbled into few white coats before i got back. i guessed she might leave bit earlier than me then.

may Allah rewards all people who involved in this incident with his kindness, amin.

i might cause some trouble to the girl and people in OT room - sister, MA, nurses, drs. and one of the MA i've spoken to, i think he is my patient's father.
we'll see tomorrow whether im right or not.

moral of the story is, dont let your hope down. Allah will test us in every way. It is just a gentle reminder from Him to you. May Allah forgive my sins , amin.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Allah's reward

Today is a hectic day. It was 5pm and i havent done any of my discharge summaries yet. I was busy being clerk while doing rounds, help clerking new case. I know the prognosis of me being home late is inevitable.

When dr A asked me to help her do rounds cause my night shift buddies are busy, i was reluctant. In fact, i was in tears.

I had fever, im sick, i wanna go home rest.

Let me tell u, my MOs are all nice. They apologise when they raised voice to us, and they teach us around. It feels like u have kakak kakak around u. I cant refuse her.

So i told myself. Do it for Allah. Dr A need your help, she had been working long hours going here and there. Longer than u! Considering ill be ony nightcall tomorrow, (thus the day, im off) i followed her.

Later she dismissed me, asking me to go home but i cant. I have 6 discharge summaries need to be completed.

Later i checked my temperature, 38c. Ok i do have fever. But im adult, adult didnt bow down to fever. Lol

Drs are superheros u know.

After an hour i was able to complete my job, i went to cafe. A nice lady offered me her peanut butter waffle (hsbas's waffle is the best!!) for rm1.

And there i am, smiling. I think Allah want to reward me for my patience.

Next time, ill be more and more patient. May Allah reward me jannah FOC without having to go thru mahsyar and mizan.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

The change

There are good reasons why people shouldnt be working long hours. It has been few days working 7-10 and my back is tense and im starting to have tension headache. That is under minimal stress working environment. Imagine the more stressful and hectic department? i do agree some people work better under stress, but the quality of life and job, is questionable.

We are receiving bad impressions because we are on shift systems. I take what my senior said, we should change for the better. The system will slowly improvise from time to time. Flaws will be fixed, improvements will be made.

During my school time, as a senpai i disagree that our teacher decided to interfere with the ritual junior-senior asrama system. I think our junior will become rude and manja kind of people. in my time, junior hormat senior tahap cipan punya. In the end, i do agree that it was unnecessary. Bullying should stop, and seniors are actually abusing people and we called it 'privilage'.

When it comes to better quality of life, change is a must.

Friday, July 26, 2013


Salam a'laik and salam ramadhan kareem to all readers. May Allah bless us all .
Im now writing this entry in Brisdale Hotel, Kuala Lumpur in the 5th day of my induksi or better known as Program Transformasi Minda.

Phew, its been hectic these 5 days. Full day with short break. of course it'll be! as i just spend my 2 months basically doing nothing.

Lectures start at 8 and finishes at 11. But no complains  since your salary dah jalan the moment u registered.

What is program transformasi minda?
Well, it is a program created to prepare us government servant, and to learn about the rules and privilages of being one. U'll be learning some boring, but importants stuffs, so be sure to listen well. It is compulsary, dont bother or creating excuses of not attending one. Lol. No PTM, no housemanship

I think they try to make it more interesting, so they included group sessions. So u'll having LDK or latihan dalam kumpulan with your collegues from different universities. At first u all will nag about it, but just be positive and u'll enjoy the moments later on.

The best part of the program is, it is held in a hotel. (yay!) Well, not a 5 star one, but still better than hostels kan. And speaking of hotel, u'll be eating their dinner buffet. Yay! If it is done during non fasting month, u'll be having meals 6x per day. Whoa!

U'll know where u are posted in the 1st day, usually they'll hand u the letter at 11-12 pm. So be prepared to know where your life will begin next. If u happened to get a place u dont want to be at, u can plead. No worries. As long as the hospitals have available posts for houseman.

The not so great part is, you'll be working in the very next week regardless where u are posted at. People works in kedah, kelantan and terengganu will have to work on sunday despite the program had just finished in friday. Oh well, they wont delay as they had already pay u, remember?

So ill be spending my raya in wards i guess. T__T  

So thats all. Hopefully i'll be writing about my housemanship soon. Pray for me, k!

Selamat hari raya and maaf zahir batin in advance!

ps- Berkaratnya english. berbelit otak nak tulis

Friday, July 19, 2013

Kampus Perubatan UiTM Sg Buloh Part 2

Salam a'laik.
This is part 2 version for you googlers.  Lol
These pics are from my phone.
U can read more on my student life by clicking ---> Dunia Medik

Our glorious museum

with Prof Dr Kannan kuthy after our revision session of microbiology  
From left, me, ieja, kina,aleen, prof sennikati, jani, qhasmira, shazlin, bella and kak maria.

The clinical building. Ada atm machine, cafe, clinics and tutorial rooms 

Lecture halls are located in that tall building.

Spacious library

the superseniors. 

here is the exam room

Thats all. Ada soalan sila tinggal di komen. 
Thanks for reading 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Kolej Kediaman Selayang Fakulti Perubatan UiTM

Salam alaik. I know u've been googling around the selayang campus out of curiosity. Here im posting some pics from my phone.

Basically selayang is a small campus mainly for clinical years, the 4th and 5th year. This time around you'll posted mainly in Selayang Hospital. But year 4, u'll be going around the world for good. Enjoy your 4th year.

Here is where mass lecture being held

The day dean announced our pro 3 result. Which decides whether we are going to be dr sooner or later

Soccer field

academic building and your residential college.

nice isnt it? Are u excited to be part of us yet?

view from front. that round building is our academic building, the library and museum.

here is the students' parking lot. Always crowded and full except weekends. 

maybe there'll be part 2. 

Thanks for viewing. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Redha dengan kematian


Setiap orang mula dengan kehidupan, dan diakhiri dengan kematian.
Sama ada kita suka atau tak, sedar atau tak, mesti ada yang akan mati di sekeliling kita.
Hari ni dia mungkin John Doe yang kita tak tahu, Jane Doe yang kita kenal dia atas sekadar nama.
Kita bukak paper, baca kisah si polan accident, dan arwah ditempat kejadian, meninggalkan 7 anak kecil. kita kata, kasihannya....
Tak pun, seperti kisah yang masih baru, 6 orang mati akibat leptospirosis dan meliodosis selepas menolong dalam usaha menyelamatkan mangsa lemas. Ajal tu kepastian, cara itu hanya penyebab.

Selalu susah kita nak terima hakikat kematian. Ya lah, selalunya orang tu dah biasa ada depan mata, tiba-tiba kita tak akan nampak dia satu jangka masa yang sangat lama. Selalu terbiasa dengar gelak tawa dia, terbiasa makan air tangan dia, terboasa ada yang menyambut saat kita pulang, terbiasa ada yang akan ketawakan baju kita yang senget, kutuk style kasut yang pelik, tiba-tiba semua itu lesap.

Kita akan terdiam, mencari bahagian yang hilang, dan tatkala diingatkan, kita akan sedih, dan menangis, mengeluh mengenangkan kenapa mesti Allah ambil orang yang kita sayang?


tak ada cara yang lebih baik untuk menerima kenyataan,selain dari mengenal hakikat kematian itu sendiri.

Kematian itu bukan di tangan penyebabnya, juga bukan di tangan kita.

Siapa yang menentukan hidup mati seseorang? Dialah Allah. Kenapa Dia mematikan makhluk? Kerana Dia yang berhak.
 rujuk the ultimate survival guide for life and afterlife which is Quran. Pandangan saya, masyakarat Islam rata-rata memiliki sifat redha dengan kematian lebih dari kaum yang tak beragama Islam. Kalau kes-kes di hospital, keluarga yang beragama Islam lebih mudah untuk terima, dan let go berbanding dengan agama lain.
Tapi tak juga, ada seorang pakcik India yang saya jumpa, dia kata dia tak kisah mati. (dia ada kanser otak) dia kata dalam agama dia ada bagitau jugak, mati tu pindah alam ja. Bagi yang islam, mati tu adalah satu benda yang sangat scary mengingatkan hari pertama di alam kubur, tak sempat orientasi dah kena bantai malaikat akibat dosa-dosa lalu.

Siapa yang tak sedih, kalau atuk saudara, sahabat handai, ahli keluarga dijemput pergi?
Saya juga pernah menangis berhari-hari mengingatkan yang tiada. Padahal sewaktu ada, mereka macam ada tak ada. tak kisah.
Perangai manusia memang suka , hendakkan apa yang tiada.
Kawan ada playstation, nak jugak. Tapi bila ada taklah layan sangat.
nak DSLR sangat-sangat, dah ada campak merata.. contoh je lah ye

Monday, July 01, 2013

Novel Cabul: Hilangnya Malu Dalam Masyarakat

Novel cabul adalah novel yang bersifat erotik, menggambarkan perlakuan seks samada dari awal permulaan ataupun semasa proses;  bersifat tidak perlu dan tidak akan mencacatkan jalan cerita jika ia tiada; ditulis hanyalah untuk menarik perhatian pembaca

Itu adalah definisi saya sendiri, yang saya adapt setelah membaca beberapa artikel.

Menariknya isu novel cabul ni

  1.  Kebanyakan penulis novel sebegini adalah wanita, samada berkahwin atau tidak (tiada statistik
  2.  Genre kahwin kontrak/kahwin paksa meng'halal'kan adegan sebegini ditulis kerana mereka sudah   berkahwin. berlainan dengan cerita cinta bujang di mana bersentuhan tangan adalah taboo.
  3. Novel sebegini, LARIS di pasaran

Cerita di asrama: mula-mula kenal novel

Selaku budak asrama, novel adalah hiburan jiwa. saya kurang gemar akan siri tv, saya memilih komik dan novel sebagai bahan hiburan.

Zaman saya bersekolah menengah dulu, saya diperkenalkan novel oleh rakan-rakan seasrama. Saya menyambutnya baik, saya adapt sebagai hobi. Kemudian bila pulang, rupanya di rumah jugak ada koleksi novel-novel milik mama. Bila saya pulang ke kampung, juga ada koleksi novel milik paksu dan arwah pakndak. Suka kami berkongsi hobi, mama, abang, dan saya, kemudian diwarisi adik perempuan bongsu, dikongsi dengan keluarga maklang, semua sukakan novel.

Tiap bulan saya pasti akan beli novel, pada waktu itu novel alaf 21 dan novel ahadiat akashah. Saya seorang yang cermat, dan pernah beberapa kali menangis bila novel saya lusuh/berbekas tanda bila dipinjamkan pada kawan sampaikan ada yang mengutuk saya cerewet.

mungkin ada adegan novel cabul, saya tak ingat

Penulis kegemaran saya pada waktu itu, (dan kini juga) adalah Norhayati berahim, Noorsuraya, Anis suraya, Aleya aneesa, Zuraidah othman, Sharifah Abu Salem dan adalagi, saya lupa. Saya akui novel Damya Hanna sangat tiptop waktu itu. Norhayati berahim lebih suka bawakan watak yang matang berbanding novel kegilaan rakan asrama saya iaitu siri kembar yonna yonni hasil karya arwah Liyana Afiera Malik. Oh, Ahadiat Akashah juga jadi siulan peminat novel. Endingnya selalu tergantung, abrupt or unexpected. Waktu zaman itu, genre kesukaan kami yang muda remaja ni, tentulah genre cinta. Kemudian dunia pernovelan dilanda tsunami ramlee awang murshid untuk peminat genre islami mereka bersiul nama ustazah fatimah syarha dan hilal asyraf. Mungkin mereka adalah pioneer disamping Habiburrahman El Shirazy, novel yang keluar selepas itu berlandaskan mesej islamik pulak.

Zaman matrikulasi
Di matrikulasi, nama Hlovate jadi sebutan. Jemari Seni jadi pilihan orang-orang yang bosan dengan genre dan cerita yang lebih kurang sama. Novel Hlovate dikatakan lebih dekat di hati.Ia tak terlalu berat, dan penuh dengan pengisian rohani.

Selepas zaman matrikulasi, saya kurang layan novel. Hobi saya telah diambil alih adik. Saya perhatikan waktu itu banyak novel, maaf saya gelarkan sebagai 'novel gedik'. Adegan romantik keterlaluan, watak lelaki perempuan bergaduh ala kanak-kanak. Gunakan nama gelaran bila bergaduh, i'll be like umur berapa ni?
Saya pasti remaja seusia adik saya (waktu tu beliau sekolah menengah) akan rasa novel sebegini catchy, dan kena dengan jiwa. Tidak kena dengan jiwa saya. Novel chick lit melayu saya baca hanyalah Plain Jane oleh Nurul Syahida (dan saya suka)

Zaman Universiti : Gilakan Jaja & Din

Sekali sekala di universiti, saya masih membaca novel. Saya borong novel tiap kali pesta buku, bacanya kemudian. Saya pegang kata mama, buku adalah aset. Esok-esok kita nak baca balik. Waktu ni saya berkongsi hobi dengan coursemate, Adlin dan Fiqa. Dan Fiqa kenalkan saya dengan istilah novel cabul. Waktu ni penerbit novel dah banyak, ada kakinovel, cesb, alaf21, jemari seni, nb kara, PTS dan banyak lagi.

Zaman ini, zaman saya berkenalan dengan dunia dakwah dan tarbiyah. Jadi novel jaja & din jadi kegemaran saya. Waktu itu, rasanya asyik bermimpi nak kan suami ustaz (sekarang saya dah dewasa, tidaklah beria seperti dulu. *batuk.) Saya membeli novel novel yang bukan genre kebiasaan, kerana saya mencari kelainan. Saya sudah bosan membaca cerita cinta gedik, saya mahukan yang matang. Jadi karya noorhayati berahim masih jadi pilihan, di samping noorsuraya, imaen dan hlovate. saya memilih novel dari jemari seni. Dalam masa yang sama, adik mula mengumpul novel gedik yang popular di pasaran.(nanti saya nak baca jugak novel yang saya kata gedik, kadangkala judgement dipengaruhi faktor-faktor lain seperti masa, mood dan prinsip ketika itu) 

Oh, dalam waktu zaman saya di universiti, banyak novel indie dikeluarkan. Yang saya ingat, novel-novel PIXI. saya belum berkesempatan nak memiliki sebuahpun. Mudahan saya berpeluang membacanya. Tak kenal maka tak cinta. Novel indie digambarkan sebagai novel yang tidak tipikal seperti lambakan novel jiwang, ia lebih keras, dan adakalanya x-rated juga. sepertimana saya nyatakan di atas, saya belum pun pernah melihat sebarang novel pixi ni, so i reserve my comments for later.

Saya lebih gemar novel lama, novel dari koleksi zaman mama yang menceritakan susah payah hidup. Teringat novel Diari Bonda oleh Rohani Din kegilaan abang, sarat dengan mesej 'hidup ini susah, tapi bukan sekadar untuk ditangisi. Kalau kita kenal erti syukur, kita akan kenal bahagia.' Novel Generasi Yang Hilang oleh Abdul Rahim Awang yang saya baca di umur belasan tahun, saya masih ingat pengajarannya. "bermula dari rokok, satu generasi punah.' Agaknya generasi kini kurang kenal erti susah payah, mereka akan menangis pada nikah paksa dan cercaan mak mentua, bukan pada kisah sedih ibu mencari wang demi sesuap nasi atau malu kakak mengemis beras di rumah saudara. Mungkin kesusahan dah jadi tidak releven. Mungkin.

Novel cabul bukan tidak pernah wujud dulu, novel Ma Lee Chuswan, Black Widow karya Raja Azmi juga sedikit liar, tapi twist ceritanya menarik. Novel Norhayati Berahim juga ada adegan nakal. Cuma sekarang ia sangat banyak. Sangat banyak. Dalam satu novel, ia boleh dibaca saban muka. Dan seolah-olah itu bacaan masyarakat kita. Kita sendiri tak pernah berbicara tentang seks dengan adik kita berusia belasan tahu, apa agaknya telahan mereka? Skip sebab malu? Paham-paham sendiri? Atau "eleh kau jangan innocent sangat boleh tak?"

Novel yang bagus, akan memberikan impak.
Novel yang bagus, akan menggambar penyelesaian kepada sesuatu masalah.
Novel yang bagus, akan beri lebih iktibar dalam hiburan.
Novel yang bagus, evergreen, kekal sepanjang zaman.

Bacaan yang bagus , Darah Muda dan karya Patuh Syariah, Azzah AR

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Kisah Pak Cik Teksi, 'Anak Dah Lupa Bapak'

Satu hari, naik la teksi, ke KL Central. Keluar pagi-pagi buta, Alhamdulillah sorang pakcik Islam ada di jalan, so naiklah dengan dia.Dalam kereta, sempat dia bercerita, pasal anak dara dia.

"anak saya, waktu belajar, susah-susah dulu selalulah telefon. Mintak duit. Mintak belikan kereta. Sekarang dah kerja dah, alhamdulillah.. Tapi, nak telefon pun susah." Nampak terkilan seorang ayah di muka pakcik tu. Tak mahu jadi tukang tambah kuah, saya jawablah.

"Dia sibuk kot pakcik. Dah kerja la katakan.. Mesti dia telefon isteri pakcik. Selalu anak-anak macam tu."

"Sibuk apanya, sms, telefon boyfriend boleh.Takkan telefon bapak tak boleh? Dulu telefon mintak topup, boleh pulak."

Saya lihat mukanya sedih. Macam mana tau? Orang jauh hati, sedih ni, matanya layu. Pandangannya kosong dan dia seolah termenung. Mata tak bercahaya. Poor eye contact. Tu tips macam mana saya tau orang tu tengah ada masalah.

Saya ketawa kecil, cuba berkongsi bebelan mak-mak sedunia dengan harapan dia ketawa.

"alah samalah saya, topup mintak kat mak abah, gunanya bukan nak contact depa pun. orang muda camtulah kan pakcik. Sama ja saya ni. hehe"

pakcik tu ikut gelak, dalam hati saya doakan anak dara dia akan kerap telefon.Ingat, telefon tanya khabar mak, tak kira sebagai telefon ayah. Telefonlah asing-asing. Sama juga kalau nak hulur wang belanja esok-esok..

*Naik teksi dalam perjalanan nak menjual xperia tx di kl central. manic.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Tips on Surviving Your Professional Exam (Clinical)

Salam a'laik.

Its been awhile isn't it? For quickie, Alhamdulillah i've passed my MBBS this April.

Well, this post is merely dedicated to my fellow juniors, who are going for the next PRO Exam 2014. Everybody in MBBS know that this exam is the final, which decides whether you can be a doctor sooner or later.

Being a doctor sooner doesn't mean that it is the best, but it is definitely what everybody hopes for. We think medical school is hellish, so lets  end it soon! Isn't t? In the contrary, i am scared to end the title as a 'student' and further up my career into real one. Not merely just dream anymore.  Little that we think, the world ahead is much more brutal and needy.

So this post is about learning issues, what i hope i would done earlier as a 5th year/final student. I was going to write it in study week actually, but i need to pass first, for my tips to be a bit, credible. And this tips are about SURVIVING, or PASSING. so if u want tips for excellence, better contact fellow seniors who pass with an A. :)

So let go straight to the tips. it gonna be lame, I've heard it repeatedly, but hey, here lies the truth.

1. Do notes. NOTES NOTES NOTES. Precise but concise.
Nope, i don't ask you to stay up and write your own books. Do short note, neatly and keep it separate with your jot-down note during bedside to avoid mess.

 Exam questions, the long case or short case will be about, what the disease is? (definition. always started with for example X is a clinical syndrome/x-linked/clinical condition/etc. it is like an opening statement.) how it occurred? (pathophysiology) To whom? What age? What risk factors? (bit epidemiology) How it manifest? (sign and symptoms), how to investigate? (all the test, and what lies behind it? For example Why do CRP? Why check C4/C3? How anemia of this and that look on blood film? etc) how to manage (divide the management well into acute, start with ABC, or DABC, and chronic) know your drugs, and if it is surgical, get a glimpse of how it is done,where, under GA? local?Look up for youtube videos.

I dont know how to stress to you how it'll become SUPERHANDY in your final. You'll not have enough time to look back into your textbook, and by organizing your note this way, it'll make your life hell lot easier. IT IS SUPER HANDY.

Im suggesting to choose a book as your companion for each subject, and learn about the book as if you are learning about your future imam/makmum. Lol. what i am saying is familiarize with the book. Know it so well that you'll know what pageto turn when you need to read something.

Im going to suggest you some good books, (it isn't necessary anyway). Membantu memahamkan.
  • The yellow xpress short case book.
  • The yellow books on Excellence clinical exam of medicine, and for surgery and peadiatrics. most essential questions are listed already.
  • Surgical express or i called it mini bailey
  •  Murtagh (good book for differentials)
  • Peadiatric protocol 

2. Know your physical examination. ALL OF IT.
Know the basic, list down 5 causes. Jot it in your notebook. The question will be like "what is rhonci?" "at what phase you heard it?" what are the condition produces rhonchi? any other condition? more? what else?" Examiners DIG basic questions.

Do it so well, as our lecturer said, let it be your reflect. If you are not good, do it over and over again with a friend who is good. If you have performance anxiety, please  find a way to overcome it.

I have performance anxiety, a bit of sociophobia when it comes to performing PE in front of my colleagues and doctors. I HATE IT. And i do nothing, nothing to improve myself and at the very end im struggling. It hurts me a lot more that i think it could. You'll think that u are inadequate, you'll be inferior to others and your self esteem is nowhere to be found. ANd im telling you to CHANGE early.

3. Organise your presenting skills.
Start scribbling in order when clerking patient. Demographic data first, the chief complain. As u go along you'll find out that different specialty requires slightly different style of presenting the cases. For example in medicine you'll need to put risk factor known/proven related to case in the very beginning otherwise you'll irritate the examiner. Remember the 4Cs as Dr Kamariah taught, Chief Complain,Causes, Complication, Current Condition

The vital keys in history is, why patient come to the hospital aka the chief complain.
What did he experiences? (and inserting some relevant negative finding as well. Plus complication. It is simple. if a person who regularly bleed, you might wanna ask any risk factor, or anything that may contribute to that like coagulopathy or any NSAIDS abuse?Did he lose weight? As a complication, did he had anemia? Since admission how is he doing? Worse or better?)

Another example would be in case of fits, you wanna rule out space occupying lesion, any electrolyte imbalance, so what question should u ask? Post fits, as a complication, what u should ask? 

The way you present in 5th year is slightly different in 4th year. History is obtained in order to sort out what you think did patient had? And you had to show that you are actually thinking, not casually asking for the sake of completion. Next, how do you confirm?

Chronic case like SLE, RA, nephrotic syndrome, etc requires slightly different style of presenting. Either it is by chronological or by current complain, u need to know what is the best way to tell your examiner what you think your patient had.

Learn to avoid using short terms. PE for pulmonary embolism or pre-eclampsia?

4. Study
Either in groups or alone, you choose.

I survived, alhamdulillah, being alone. I had the helps from my friends, of course. It speeds things up and you'll need less energy to think and less time consuming as well. Imagine, at that time you'll need to study for ortho, surgery, medicine, psychiatry, some short posting special cases as well, O&G, peadiatrics and so on. The something come up like "what are the drugs that will improve the prognosis in heart failure?" it easier to ask friends, rather than to search from the jungles of books and note you had in front of you.

Read CPGs, malaysian CPG, ad GOLD for TB, or GINA for asthma. Ask the lecturer what is appropriate. CPG published>5 years is considered old and invalid, Dr Ng once said.

5. Kita Merancang, Allah yang menentukan.
Dean always said, it'll be the most unfair exam ever. and im telling that it is ****** TRUE. Truth hurts to some. You'll find that some of your colleagues got complicated cases, some got simpler one. Lets not envy each other. Whether you'll pass at that time, it has been decided by God. You do your job, and let your heart be at ease.

I find it helpful to read seniors' note on their experiences during PRO, and the questions are about the same.

Personally, and honestly i think that PRO Exam wasn't that hard. It is the feeling of anxiety and worry that make your life miserable. I think questions during bedside are harder. IM DEAD SERIOUS. lol they asked you basic questions. Inhale, clear up your mind and answer what you know.

Build good relationship with your God, family, teachers and friends. Prayers make life smoother.

1 year, it wouldn't be that much of time. it'll pass before your eyes. So be prepared guys.

Any other questions please put in comment section, i would love to entertain questions if any. Thanks for reading.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Kalau kau mahu dabikkan dada

Kalau kau mahu dabikkan dada,
Mengangkat muka, menongkat langit dengan hidungmu.

"hey aku ada sarjana, phd segala anugerah di siswaraya!"
lalu aku gelakkan mereka yang lalu bawahku
dengan kelulusan tiada setara

"hey aku kerja pendapatan 10 angka!"
lalu aku gelakkan mereka yang lalu bawahku
dengan pendapatan tiada setara

"hey aku tercantik persis dewi sukma!"
lalu aku gelakkan mereka yang lalu bawahku
dengan paras tiada setara

"hey aku pemimpin sejuta manusia!"
lalu aku gelakkan mereka yang lalu bawahku
dengan pengaruh tiada setara

hey aku pengajar ribuan kitab!"
lalu aku gelakkan mereka yang lalu bawahku
dengan kepandaian tiada setara

hey kami-kami yang gembira tadi,
kami letakkan parameter untuk sukat bahagia kami
kami umpama merak yang kembang-kembangkan ekor kami
menjerit pada dunia "hey lihatlah kami!"

Lalai kami berfikir,
hanya merak terpesona dengan merak.
Merak tiada nilai di mata kucing, kumbang dan gagak.

"hoih kau hanya tinggi dalan standard kaum sesamamu!"
pada kami kau hanyalah burung yang menyala.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Amnesia Chapter 1 & 2 Walkthrough

 Android game. Here some solutions for you. 

Chapter 1
 1. Assemble the phone charger - go to socket in the kitchen. use electronic breadboard on the socket. then assemble the components. the clue is within the electronic says what go first and whats go next.

2. Briefcase code - inside the phone contact. What rhymes with briefcase? 

3. Light the fire. -Fuel is the money inside briefcase. to get money, pull notch using screwdriver. -Assemble the things to built fire. clue: money, baking tray

Chapter 2 

1. Phone password -Search the handbag and purse, Take everything possible. read all things to complete memory. - read driving license -(dob is the password to unlocked phone) 

2. torchlight - torch is in raincoat's pocket. battery is in the fan inside handbag. take out battery and insert in torch.

3.trapdoor -use rope at pulley near the trunk. 1st u have to push trunk away. attach rope to trunk and trap door. throw trunk. - inside trapdoor, use swissknife blade on crate (one of 3). take can on rack and spill grease on floor (wax). Pull and lift crate on top of another so u can climb up. 

4 bedroom door -use broken blade to open door. take out laptop and put on desk. take blusher in drawer. 

5. generator room. - use blusher on fingerprints. u must insert 4 number. it is random, sometime it only give 2-3 number so u have to try guessing and repeat certain number. it is random so nothing much to help. good luck. u may restart the game for better luck. - take usb stick inside locker. - generator password/code. use either equation and set the option for example, mid. and insert the answer as mid equation. u need to do some algebra for this. - u lazy bum! turn nobe next to mid. code is 27, 20, 54 

6. laptop. - password on photo - on your right hand side, the laptop had usb port. insert usb stick in usb port. it tell u the location of key for locker in generator room. 

7. yellow box -use crowbar from locker inside generator room to open the keypad.

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Welcome to adulthood

Hi peeps. Salam a'laik.

 I guess, all kds wanna grow up fast so they'll be off the leashes. Freedom is a thing everyone seem to be hoping for, without knowing the actual content of it. Freedom as an adult Im officially 23 this year. Time moves so fast, once was an emotional, blur and lost teenager, now im an adult. still blur apparently let me tell u my view on adulthood, the ugly truth. No one cares what u gonna do, no one cares. In fact sometimes your family dont care. So are u happy now, encroaching the so called adulthood?

People (Malaysian folks) will scream for freedom, for 2 things.
 1. Freedom to get anything that benefit them without havin to sweat out
 2. Freedom to do anything not permissible by law/religion/culture/parents

 "i want freedom to abort baby because women have rights to choose the right time to be a mother, without having any effort for proper contraception anyway"

im glad that didnt happen to our culture, yet. Later people will be screaming for rights to kill their own live babies, way back to jahiliyyah time.

Children, kids, teenagers if your parents want to accompany you everywhere, that is a bless. Immature kids take it as 'restriction to their fun life'. Whoa now im making an impression that im mature! Yay!

If kids read this, they'll say "bluerghh another adult taking adult knows better thingy." well, i have to say, most of the time it is true. But adult have ego, their seems to know the truth, and it is either they want u to learn a painful lesson, or they dont want you to make mistakes at all. And bear in mind, adult is coward as well. Adult are afraid of making mistakes and judgement thus they wouldnt want to explore new way/journey/choice. Thus, limiting their kids' options in life.

  People say money cant buy happiness, but hey, they do.

Imagine you are sitting in KFC with pals. All of them using smartphones with latest technology with , and there u are staring to the wall as everyone is busy checking in some apps, camwhoring like forever and busy taking pics with the food for some artistic purposes. There u are, u never care what smartphone does, u are not into geeky things, but you'll be left out. being adult mean that u'll have to earn your own money to survive. 

By surviving i dont only imply on living, but living in a good quality of life. u can earn rm500/month and live with fellow bangladeshi sharing home for cheaper rents, using cheap 2ndhand phone without data plan or even camera, and enjoy walking as your primary transportation. Happy or not, it depends on you. some people found solution by learning the concept of 'grateful, 'syukur' by heart, making none of these nonsense affect their life. not that much, a little perhaps. 

And hey, save a lot before u go into adulthood, be a street-smart, get rid of the 'the world is cruel and dangerous' phobia in u and have a driving license and master it. At times we'll be alone, and it will be between us, and Allah. He will protect us, insyaAllah.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Facebook 'like' button gone wrong

i gonna continue my rants here. Since i kinda annoyed seeing points i brought up in facebook being liked when im expecting a discussion or conversation.

Facebook supposed to be a social hub, currently it is more of pinboard or art exhibition. Where people come and say "i like it!" and done.

At times when people were announcing something bad "my cat is missing" or "my cactus just died" some of morons did clicked the 'like' button. I know like can be seen as 'noted' or 'i support u'

People nowadays are all politicians (including me), we play safe and avoid two way conversation. We just want people to 'listen listen listen' but no arguing, no objections. Well i can see that is totally healthy, we don't want to see emo statuses on facebook as well, right? But in a way,we are avoiding conversations. And conversations are necessary in resolving conflicts. No wonder nowadays i see more and more people just put up emo statuses toward each other. (and here i am, eating popcorn enjoying the scene)

For example, below are facebook statuses of Ali and Abu after they 'selisih bahu' over a thing.
Ali's : "Biarlah orang salah faham dengan kita, tapi kita cool, Allah knows. :')"
Abu's : "Susahnya orang perasan good-good ni. Positif manjang, sampaikan buat salah pun tak reti-reti nak sedar."

Halo? Ali and Abu kalau nak bergaduh berdepan boleh tak? kalau konon malas nak gaduh, tak usah letak di status facebook kasi satu dunia tahu. Mengadu dengan orang sebelah sudah.
(nota:sila baca dengan nada calm, penulis senang terpengaruh dengan gaya bahasa blog yang dia baru khatam)

I remember reading a blog, (kak senduk's i think), he said that when u were asking opinion like "did anybody knows who sells blueberry crepe around here?" and what he received, just likes.

Imagine going out of the street
"pakcik tahu tak mana masjid terdekat"

and the pakcik smiles and say "LIKE!"

We can understand why being on Facebook might inspire one to try and turn the conversation to more serious matters. A global network fueled entirely by users' self-absorption and their desire to pretend to be farmers can't help but make you want to throw out a few reality checks. But when you're battling for attention against an endless stream of cat videos and "Me and my girlfriends doing body shots" photo albums, no one's going to click like on your attempt to elevate people's minds. If you're lucky, your words will fall on deaf ears.  credit

*dont take this seriously, this is a rant. I dont direct this to anybody and of course, im a 'liker' too.
* i got annoyed reading posts with crappy english, and now i am doing exactly the same.oh well..

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Little things that touched your heart

Damn u ninja cutting onions!

One thing about me, i dont like watching movies with other people, unless it is horror movie.
Because i cry easily. Bunyi soundtrack  pun dah cukup nak buatkan this silly side of me, sad, and i'll end up crying like.. lol!

Event 1
I was walking from clinic back to ward, when suddenly an Indian boy, genuinely smiled at me saying "good morning doc!" I was busy walking, nearly missed him.

Thanks dear. it is not the word "morning doc" that made my day, it is your smile pure sweet smile. Thanks!

Event 2
There is an Indonesian lady in the ward. Out of the blue she suddenly spilled out her blues to me. I was actually rushing, but i managed to stay anyway. (Cheers for Nadz for the achievement of spending some time for others)

She was in tears,worrying about some sort of documents thingy, mentioned about how she was scammed by 'orang kita', burning her precious RM7000, Now she is jobless, penniless, and she was afraid that things would not go smoothly as she want to bring her baby, back home.

She wasnt complaining, she just need an ear (God is great, He give us two) to listen to her worries. She thought the nurses were accusing her for telling lies, i reaffirmed her that it is their job to follow hospital rules. Nurses in labour ward hospital selayang for me, are one of the nicest nurses i have ever met.

Sometime, when it comes to life difficulties, nothing much can be done  on our part. At least, God gives us a pair of ears. And an unlimited offer of making duas. Pray for others, a lot. :')

Listen listen listen.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Aku duduk di negeri itu (Aneh)

Aku duduk di negeri itu
Bila kau jatuh mereka ketawa, "kah kah kah"
Bila kau senang mereka cebik muka "ceh, kufur nikmat"
Bila kau susah mereka terus lupa "halo? kau siapa?"

Aku duduk di negeri itu
Kau tanam pokok tepi jalan, mereka kata "hoi gila, sempitkan jalan!"
Kau tebang pokok tepi jalan, mereka kata " hoi gila, global warming!"
Kau duduk diam tepi jalan, mereka kata " hoi gila, tak tahu cari kerja?"
Kau menjaja tepi jalan, mereka kata " hoi gila, kau tak tahu taktik berniaga?"

Aku duduk negeri itu,
Semua orang tak tahu kecuali aku
Semua orang tak pandai kecuali aku
Tapi aku tak mahu tolong
Aku benci orang jadi malas (aku tidak!)

Aku duduk negeri itu,
Kau duduk salah, kau diri salah.
Semua salah, dia sahaja betul.
Asalkan kau itu dia.

Hoi lihatlahlah langit,
ada burung,
ada awan mending,
ada matahari sembunyi,
ada jerubu
ada partikel habuk

Hoi lihatlah keliling
ada kerbau tepi sawah
ada apak senyum manis
ada kucing bergolek

Dunia warna warni, kenapa kau nampak kelabu?

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