Thursday, January 24, 2013

Facebook 'like' button gone wrong

i gonna continue my rants here. Since i kinda annoyed seeing points i brought up in facebook being liked when im expecting a discussion or conversation.

Facebook supposed to be a social hub, currently it is more of pinboard or art exhibition. Where people come and say "i like it!" and done.

At times when people were announcing something bad "my cat is missing" or "my cactus just died" some of morons did clicked the 'like' button. I know like can be seen as 'noted' or 'i support u'

People nowadays are all politicians (including me), we play safe and avoid two way conversation. We just want people to 'listen listen listen' but no arguing, no objections. Well i can see that is totally healthy, we don't want to see emo statuses on facebook as well, right? But in a way,we are avoiding conversations. And conversations are necessary in resolving conflicts. No wonder nowadays i see more and more people just put up emo statuses toward each other. (and here i am, eating popcorn enjoying the scene)

For example, below are facebook statuses of Ali and Abu after they 'selisih bahu' over a thing.
Ali's : "Biarlah orang salah faham dengan kita, tapi kita cool, Allah knows. :')"
Abu's : "Susahnya orang perasan good-good ni. Positif manjang, sampaikan buat salah pun tak reti-reti nak sedar."

Halo? Ali and Abu kalau nak bergaduh berdepan boleh tak? kalau konon malas nak gaduh, tak usah letak di status facebook kasi satu dunia tahu. Mengadu dengan orang sebelah sudah.
(nota:sila baca dengan nada calm, penulis senang terpengaruh dengan gaya bahasa blog yang dia baru khatam)

I remember reading a blog, (kak senduk's i think), he said that when u were asking opinion like "did anybody knows who sells blueberry crepe around here?" and what he received, just likes.

Imagine going out of the street
"pakcik tahu tak mana masjid terdekat"

and the pakcik smiles and say "LIKE!"

We can understand why being on Facebook might inspire one to try and turn the conversation to more serious matters. A global network fueled entirely by users' self-absorption and their desire to pretend to be farmers can't help but make you want to throw out a few reality checks. But when you're battling for attention against an endless stream of cat videos and "Me and my girlfriends doing body shots" photo albums, no one's going to click like on your attempt to elevate people's minds. If you're lucky, your words will fall on deaf ears.  credit

*dont take this seriously, this is a rant. I dont direct this to anybody and of course, im a 'liker' too.
* i got annoyed reading posts with crappy english, and now i am doing exactly the same.oh well..

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Little things that touched your heart

Damn u ninja cutting onions!

One thing about me, i dont like watching movies with other people, unless it is horror movie.
Because i cry easily. Bunyi soundtrack  pun dah cukup nak buatkan this silly side of me, sad, and i'll end up crying like.. lol!

Event 1
I was walking from clinic back to ward, when suddenly an Indian boy, genuinely smiled at me saying "good morning doc!" I was busy walking, nearly missed him.

Thanks dear. it is not the word "morning doc" that made my day, it is your smile pure sweet smile. Thanks!

Event 2
There is an Indonesian lady in the ward. Out of the blue she suddenly spilled out her blues to me. I was actually rushing, but i managed to stay anyway. (Cheers for Nadz for the achievement of spending some time for others)

She was in tears,worrying about some sort of documents thingy, mentioned about how she was scammed by 'orang kita', burning her precious RM7000, Now she is jobless, penniless, and she was afraid that things would not go smoothly as she want to bring her baby, back home.

She wasnt complaining, she just need an ear (God is great, He give us two) to listen to her worries. She thought the nurses were accusing her for telling lies, i reaffirmed her that it is their job to follow hospital rules. Nurses in labour ward hospital selayang for me, are one of the nicest nurses i have ever met.

Sometime, when it comes to life difficulties, nothing much can be done  on our part. At least, God gives us a pair of ears. And an unlimited offer of making duas. Pray for others, a lot. :')

Listen listen listen.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Aku duduk di negeri itu (Aneh)

Aku duduk di negeri itu
Bila kau jatuh mereka ketawa, "kah kah kah"
Bila kau senang mereka cebik muka "ceh, kufur nikmat"
Bila kau susah mereka terus lupa "halo? kau siapa?"

Aku duduk di negeri itu
Kau tanam pokok tepi jalan, mereka kata "hoi gila, sempitkan jalan!"
Kau tebang pokok tepi jalan, mereka kata " hoi gila, global warming!"
Kau duduk diam tepi jalan, mereka kata " hoi gila, tak tahu cari kerja?"
Kau menjaja tepi jalan, mereka kata " hoi gila, kau tak tahu taktik berniaga?"

Aku duduk negeri itu,
Semua orang tak tahu kecuali aku
Semua orang tak pandai kecuali aku
Tapi aku tak mahu tolong
Aku benci orang jadi malas (aku tidak!)

Aku duduk negeri itu,
Kau duduk salah, kau diri salah.
Semua salah, dia sahaja betul.
Asalkan kau itu dia.

Hoi lihatlahlah langit,
ada burung,
ada awan mending,
ada matahari sembunyi,
ada jerubu
ada partikel habuk

Hoi lihatlah keliling
ada kerbau tepi sawah
ada apak senyum manis
ada kucing bergolek

Dunia warna warni, kenapa kau nampak kelabu?

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