Monday, May 14, 2012

Rants : Stop Complaining, Find A Resolution

I've started a bussiness, selling 50/60 inches hijab online. And I get my stock from Jalan TAR.
before I started by bussiness, i've calculated much, the pro and cons and the limitations.

The BIGGEST limitation im facing here is I DONT HAVE PROPER TRANSPORT.

By proper, i do not restrict transport to cars only, bus and taxi also included.

taxi, it can surely reach jalan tar by fare barely rm20 provided traffic is fine. if not, i'll losing profit just by sitting in the taxi.

by bus, i regret that rapid is not that accesible in Selayang. Or it might be that i've not learn about bus route much. I do love how things are in Shah Alam where I can be totally independent. I can go to KL by myself,by cab train and bus. I can walk my muscles out to seksyen 9 without hassle. Some girls just hate walking, and sun ( no offense, people). Fortunately im not a beauty queen, im a village girl with avarage ( of below avarage look) so I dont give a damn about how sun may affect my skin and how sweating may make me look err uninteresting. ok skip that babbling part, that is a self-mutilation for self-motivation.

I dont fancy asking people around for favour. I HATE being dependent to others as I myself not that fancy of people being dependent on me. But thats not applicable to family members, I JUST LOVE being dependent to them. That makes me feel that i have somebody to rely on even when the world is falling apart.

I think the worst time in life is around my age. You are not that young to ask all things from your parents, and in the same time you are not that capable to do so on your own.

As for me, if i've been saving a lot i'll buy myself a car. But I cant, first is im a broke, i cant even manage my own money. I think i've keep them somewhere in the bank, at the counter of supermarket somewhere. Or I think i've invested too much on comics and books. (well i dont regret that) Second is I dont master driving skills just yet.

The downside part of being a GIRL is that you cant do this and cant do that because of safety reason.

Like today I showed my dad the route i've taken to 99 speedmart, which is just near my college. And he asked if I usually went there alone.

i said, nope. usually 2.
He forbids me from going there, walking but .

"IT IS OKAY IF YOU GO THERE BY CAR, NOT BY WALKING" not intended to raise attention for self pity (or buat kesian), i reply slowly, well not all things sold just by the road. You've to go here and there a bit to complete your shopping list. Eg-like buying catfood.

I do want a great coffee sold in Giant Batu Caves, sometimes I want to buy whole chicken for a cheap price  so I can have my atkin's meat stock for 4-5 days. I want to go to IKEA to hang out, eat meatballs and Daim cake in the weekends, went to spree in Daiso in the curve or OU, go to watch a movie when its out. Well yes, i am aware that you have to separate the needs from the greed.

"ITS NOT WORTH IT, TO BE KILLED FOR 50 cent, 50 ringgit. It is just not worth it." Abah replied . I sensed worry in him. I smiled in vain, in pain. What can I do? I hate that too, how neighbourhood can become a corpse-dumping ground nowadays? When im  a kid i can ride a bike whenever i want, to the paddy field, deep in the 'kebun getah', near hutan buluh with nothing to worry.

"A 22 years old lady just found to be chopped to 8 parts, and dumped to a river near One Selayang today. The motive however unclear, but her purse was missing, and there was catfood found near the river bank." LOL

I dont have a car and I cant drive well, I live FAR AWAY from dad, and I dont have a husband.

so either 1 from the 3, please grant me at least one.

*pardon my grammar, i dont bother to correct it now, maybe sometime later, someday.

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