Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Love : Remember When..

This lovely clip, it sums up what love is all about. ( in certain people, certain perspectives)

Ever wonder, about the wishes and prayers given during wedding day?

Some will say "may u both'll be happily ever after."
Some will say "may hardship make the bond goes stronger."

I usually say " May god bless u both with a blissful marriage, leading u both to a sakinah, mawaddah wa rahmah. may Allah bless these newlyweds, and shower Your blessings upon them and join them together in goodness."

Marriage is not simple, and it doesn't end there like in Cinderella snow white movies. If u want to get a better view of marriage, WATCH SHREK, all of them. Lol (but im serious)

If u do watch shrek, you'll notice no matter how a person love each other, sooner or later there'll be a point where everything isn't as wonderful as before. Yes ladies and gentleman, that is NORMAL progress in life. why? i'll enlighten u with the facts when i completed psychology someday. (FX: toads croaking) 

we used to eat koew teow kungfu everyday, at one time we'll be like "blerghh, i cant stand this any more." 

I love to say that, love shouldn't stay the same, it should evolves accordingly.

 Evolution is an adaptation process, and it increases the chances of survival. Remember back then in SPM days. How animals charactristics adapts with the surrounding. Polar bears are white while sunbears are blackish brown. Fishes that live in the mangrove areas where the tide keep going high and low, they become dwi-alam. if not we wouldn't see any of ikan belacak/tembakul. All praises to Allah.

By evolving, i mean it should adapts to surrounding and current situation, not changing course. Mammals cannot be reptiles even if they find that being mammals are at disadvantages. Ok, certain animals do blessed with the ability to change form and gender like jellyfish the immortal creature. But not human, ideally.

I've seen patients and people, husband and wife. There are lots of stories to tell, after hardship,

a. some of them leave each other,
b. some of them become stronger than ever,they keep it shut and continues life
c. some of them, coping and tolerating each other.

if u ask me, which one is better? I would say, none, or depends. I cant personally judge people decision and life, but we can take it as life lesson. Provided that our 'judgement' wont affect our relationship/treatment with them.

A 30 years old male with major depression, used to be a successful businessman and a caring father. When his illness peaks, he'll lose his functions and characters eventually. No more romantic husband, no more caring and funny dad. Just depressed, boring, stressing man in your family, like a stranger. The wife, who used to be married to delightful man, productive and motivated, how do you think she copes when his husband is now, like a stranger?

she can choose either 3 option above. 

if she chooses a, where is the value of relationship and marriage? Didn't we supposed to tolerate each other until the end, as what we vowed before the marriage?

b, didn't we have the choices to be happy on our own?Why bother staying with somebody who burdens us, life is too short anyway.

c, why are you faking things like normal, but deep inside you are hurting each other? shouldn't the sick man let go her wife for her own sake? Why he is so selfish? Why she keep things silenced as if nothing going on, is she that strong or just a hypocrite?

 That are negative examples. But we love negative thoughts didn't we? Gossiping, judging people around and evaluate their 'poor' consequences as balasan for something.

As in Carl and Ellie
The story portrays how an ideal marriage works.

they worked their dreams altogether, supporting each other. They're always besides each other, and when the conflict come, none of them runaway. Ellie cant get pregnant, Carl seeks for another dream. They never stop trying, never stop believing. 

Carl can always get another girl, have babies. When they tries to save money to for something, Ellie can always leave Carl for someone with better moolah thus easier to reach her dreams, but she didnt.

After ellie passed away, Carl was leave behind,devastated. Until he realised there is one more  promise he can keep, which turns into a new dream, raises his hopes and shed new light over his life later in the end.

And now, im going to let u continue by yourself, hopefully in a form of comment, down in my comment box. Im too hungry to type anymore. :) Salam.

Monday, December 03, 2012

Lelaki Dalam Hidup Sorang Wanita

Every girl is blessed with at least a man in her life.

there are things that girl are incapable of, they need men to save the day. 
And same goes the other way. 

For you who are confused, let me enlighten u with some examples. a gentle mother can easily pull a decayed tooth from her daughter, or a strong father wont be as strong to watch her son undergo chemo everyday. So we do change roles and responsibilities. In some isolated cases, one can be so strong that they can handle both role at the same time, they are blessed with love and faith. :) always, two,three until infinity is better than one.

be thankful for a ( or many) man/woman who always be there for you.

imej random google
Dari status facebook, teringin nak convert ke blogpost. Dapat membebel panjang sikit.

Dalam dunia sibuk nak memperjuangkan 'equal rights between gender' atau hak samarata dalam jantina, tak dapat kita nafikan Allah ciptakan lelaki dan perempuan ini dengan kelebihan dan kekurangan masing-masing.Umpama puzzle, bila dicantumkan, ia melengkapi antara satu sama lain.
Jauh di sudut dunia, satu kaum wanita digemukkan, kerana wanita gemuk itu lebih bernilai dan sexy berbanding yang tidak, dan di dunia sebelah satu lagi, wanita kurus diangkat dan disanjung, diberikan peluang yang lebih dan menerima layanan yang baik berbanding yang gemuk, dianggap loser.
Tapi dalam nak bergantung atas faktor keselamatan, wanita lebih selesa bergantung dengan lelaki. Nak bergantung atas faktor bermanja, lelaki lebih rela dibuai dengan kelembutan dan kemesraan seorang wanita. (walau dunia sudah seakan terbalik)
Oleh itu peranan ayah dan ibu, suami dan isteri, dalam satu binaan rumahtangga itu penting. Tanggungjawab dan peranan perlu diambil seimbang. Kata orang, kalau ayah yang garang ibulah yang jadi penyejuk hati. Kalau sama-sama garang, nanti anak lari. :)

Jika di Arab Saudi, wanita tak dibenarkan memandu. Masyarakat dunia mencemuh dengan pandangan betapa ortodoks dan jumudnya mereka, sampai wanita tidk dibolehkan memandu kenderaan sendiri. Tapi dari sudut pandangan mata mereka, itu adalah cara mereka menjaga wanita.

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