Sunday, August 25, 2013

Allah's reward

Today is a hectic day. It was 5pm and i havent done any of my discharge summaries yet. I was busy being clerk while doing rounds, help clerking new case. I know the prognosis of me being home late is inevitable.

When dr A asked me to help her do rounds cause my night shift buddies are busy, i was reluctant. In fact, i was in tears.

I had fever, im sick, i wanna go home rest.

Let me tell u, my MOs are all nice. They apologise when they raised voice to us, and they teach us around. It feels like u have kakak kakak around u. I cant refuse her.

So i told myself. Do it for Allah. Dr A need your help, she had been working long hours going here and there. Longer than u! Considering ill be ony nightcall tomorrow, (thus the day, im off) i followed her.

Later she dismissed me, asking me to go home but i cant. I have 6 discharge summaries need to be completed.

Later i checked my temperature, 38c. Ok i do have fever. But im adult, adult didnt bow down to fever. Lol

Drs are superheros u know.

After an hour i was able to complete my job, i went to cafe. A nice lady offered me her peanut butter waffle (hsbas's waffle is the best!!) for rm1.

And there i am, smiling. I think Allah want to reward me for my patience.

Next time, ill be more and more patient. May Allah reward me jannah FOC without having to go thru mahsyar and mizan.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

The change

There are good reasons why people shouldnt be working long hours. It has been few days working 7-10 and my back is tense and im starting to have tension headache. That is under minimal stress working environment. Imagine the more stressful and hectic department? i do agree some people work better under stress, but the quality of life and job, is questionable.

We are receiving bad impressions because we are on shift systems. I take what my senior said, we should change for the better. The system will slowly improvise from time to time. Flaws will be fixed, improvements will be made.

During my school time, as a senpai i disagree that our teacher decided to interfere with the ritual junior-senior asrama system. I think our junior will become rude and manja kind of people. in my time, junior hormat senior tahap cipan punya. In the end, i do agree that it was unnecessary. Bullying should stop, and seniors are actually abusing people and we called it 'privilage'.

When it comes to better quality of life, change is a must.

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