Friday, June 13, 2014

Lesson from Allah : On Sadaqah

Salam alaik.

One day, while walking on my way home from work, i've been thinking, how easy my life is.
I can buy anything i want ( for now it is food and clothes), i can pamper myself with good food from lavish restaurant (lavish  for a kampung girl like me, for you it might be 'biasa'), yet did i give enough sadaqah?
I was thinking how greedy i am to spend large amount of money for myself, yet i give to others so little?

I was in regret and ashamed of myself.

And just at the moment im about to reach the foyer of my apartment, i stumbled upon a kid.
Maybe he is about 8-10 years old.
Bringing his kite with him. He approched me.

"Makcik, nak duit."

I was like, what? Pardon me? ( In disbelief.)

"Nak duit, tak makan lagi sehari ni."

I was thinking, how can a boy, in this hospital compound, holding a kite which priced rm10, said to me he had not eaten for a day. It was about 6pm at that time. Judging from his clothes, he was not that poor as well.

"Adik duduk mana ni?"

He pointed to the staff apartment next to mine.

Im thinking that he was tricking me, so he can have extra money to buy toys, or im afraid he will go to cyber cafe/do bad stuff with extra money in his hand.

And in my mind as well,

" How come this happened when im just thinking of how little i gave to others?
Is god trying to give me His lessons?"

and that is how i ended up giving him little amount of money that i had in my pocket at that time.

"Tak cukuplah, nasi rm5."

I said to him,

" u have to search for another person then, that is all i have."

and that day i walked home with unusual feeling
feeling that im extra loved
by God.

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