Friday, November 07, 2008

Korean Actress and Plastic Surgery : Park Shi Yeon

when it come to korean actress, i always admire their beauty.. they are just sooo beautiful. slim, slender, nice skin and pretty face. all give up a complete package. it is later that i found out that all their beauty are mainly because of plastic surgery. aww, so before this i've been admiring a plastic babe?

mainly south korean actresses had undergo plastic surgery, mainly to repair their nose and face. in addition, even high school girls can undergo plastic surgery at a affordable prize. amazing!

we are lucky that Islam prohibits us from doing all that, if not, women in Malaysia now must been under pressure to spend lotta money just to look beautiful. Hurm, sometime this world is cruel that it never allow us to live in reality..

this is second heroin from MY GIRL, Park Shi Yeon. She is already pretty, i wonder why she changed her nose..

ya, 100 pounds beauty cast kim ah joong also not excluded.

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