Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Rants : Oh Life!

Someday in your life u'll be moved by a random kind act of a stranger, and some other day u'll be amused by friends who'll be ignorant for they to avoid troubles.

life is sure weird and unexpected. Neither of those is right nor wrong. both carries their own benefits and risks. If something good happen, you should be thankful, and if something bad happen, you should also be thankful.

That is why since the beginning we should always put our dependence and hope to Allah, not humans. I had a painful lesson in the past, and now that i've learn it, i cant be more glad. My ship sails smoother, and im at the deck with a smile and heart of a steel.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tudung Bidang 60'' Online Murah

Salam. Saya ada menjual tudung bidang 60'' brand akel, RM23 sehelai (tidak termasuk pos)dengan harga yang murah online.

Please go to my facebook SixtyInchesHijab for more details

For booking please pm me. or sms 0174717811 stating your name, and order.
Eg: 60" Three tone Cream/pink x1 pieces
Each tudung in this album is rm23 in price exclude postage.
 < 3 pieces by pos malaysia will be rm6.
Untuk order, sila pm/sms 0174717811 nyatakan nama dan order.

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