Friday, July 26, 2013


Salam a'laik and salam ramadhan kareem to all readers. May Allah bless us all .
Im now writing this entry in Brisdale Hotel, Kuala Lumpur in the 5th day of my induksi or better known as Program Transformasi Minda.

Phew, its been hectic these 5 days. Full day with short break. of course it'll be! as i just spend my 2 months basically doing nothing.

Lectures start at 8 and finishes at 11. But no complains  since your salary dah jalan the moment u registered.

What is program transformasi minda?
Well, it is a program created to prepare us government servant, and to learn about the rules and privilages of being one. U'll be learning some boring, but importants stuffs, so be sure to listen well. It is compulsary, dont bother or creating excuses of not attending one. Lol. No PTM, no housemanship

I think they try to make it more interesting, so they included group sessions. So u'll having LDK or latihan dalam kumpulan with your collegues from different universities. At first u all will nag about it, but just be positive and u'll enjoy the moments later on.

The best part of the program is, it is held in a hotel. (yay!) Well, not a 5 star one, but still better than hostels kan. And speaking of hotel, u'll be eating their dinner buffet. Yay! If it is done during non fasting month, u'll be having meals 6x per day. Whoa!

U'll know where u are posted in the 1st day, usually they'll hand u the letter at 11-12 pm. So be prepared to know where your life will begin next. If u happened to get a place u dont want to be at, u can plead. No worries. As long as the hospitals have available posts for houseman.

The not so great part is, you'll be working in the very next week regardless where u are posted at. People works in kedah, kelantan and terengganu will have to work on sunday despite the program had just finished in friday. Oh well, they wont delay as they had already pay u, remember?

So ill be spending my raya in wards i guess. T__T  

So thats all. Hopefully i'll be writing about my housemanship soon. Pray for me, k!

Selamat hari raya and maaf zahir batin in advance!

ps- Berkaratnya english. berbelit otak nak tulis


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