Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Amnesia Chapter 1 & 2 Walkthrough

 Android game. Here some solutions for you. 

Chapter 1
 1. Assemble the phone charger - go to socket in the kitchen. use electronic breadboard on the socket. then assemble the components. the clue is within the electronic says what go first and whats go next.

2. Briefcase code - inside the phone contact. What rhymes with briefcase? 

3. Light the fire. -Fuel is the money inside briefcase. to get money, pull notch using screwdriver. -Assemble the things to built fire. clue: money, baking tray

Chapter 2 

1. Phone password -Search the handbag and purse, Take everything possible. read all things to complete memory. - read driving license -(dob is the password to unlocked phone) 

2. torchlight - torch is in raincoat's pocket. battery is in the fan inside handbag. take out battery and insert in torch.

3.trapdoor -use rope at pulley near the trunk. 1st u have to push trunk away. attach rope to trunk and trap door. throw trunk. - inside trapdoor, use swissknife blade on crate (one of 3). take can on rack and spill grease on floor (wax). Pull and lift crate on top of another so u can climb up. 

4 bedroom door -use broken blade to open door. take out laptop and put on desk. take blusher in drawer. 

5. generator room. - use blusher on fingerprints. u must insert 4 number. it is random, sometime it only give 2-3 number so u have to try guessing and repeat certain number. it is random so nothing much to help. good luck. u may restart the game for better luck. - take usb stick inside locker. - generator password/code. use either equation and set the option for example, mid. and insert the answer as mid equation. u need to do some algebra for this. - u lazy bum! turn nobe next to mid. code is 27, 20, 54 

6. laptop. - password on photo - on your right hand side, the laptop had usb port. insert usb stick in usb port. it tell u the location of key for locker in generator room. 

7. yellow box -use crowbar from locker inside generator room to open the keypad.

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Welcome to adulthood

Hi peeps. Salam a'laik.

 I guess, all kds wanna grow up fast so they'll be off the leashes. Freedom is a thing everyone seem to be hoping for, without knowing the actual content of it. Freedom as an adult Im officially 23 this year. Time moves so fast, once was an emotional, blur and lost teenager, now im an adult. still blur apparently let me tell u my view on adulthood, the ugly truth. No one cares what u gonna do, no one cares. In fact sometimes your family dont care. So are u happy now, encroaching the so called adulthood?

People (Malaysian folks) will scream for freedom, for 2 things.
 1. Freedom to get anything that benefit them without havin to sweat out
 2. Freedom to do anything not permissible by law/religion/culture/parents

 "i want freedom to abort baby because women have rights to choose the right time to be a mother, without having any effort for proper contraception anyway"

im glad that didnt happen to our culture, yet. Later people will be screaming for rights to kill their own live babies, way back to jahiliyyah time.

Children, kids, teenagers if your parents want to accompany you everywhere, that is a bless. Immature kids take it as 'restriction to their fun life'. Whoa now im making an impression that im mature! Yay!

If kids read this, they'll say "bluerghh another adult taking adult knows better thingy." well, i have to say, most of the time it is true. But adult have ego, their seems to know the truth, and it is either they want u to learn a painful lesson, or they dont want you to make mistakes at all. And bear in mind, adult is coward as well. Adult are afraid of making mistakes and judgement thus they wouldnt want to explore new way/journey/choice. Thus, limiting their kids' options in life.

  People say money cant buy happiness, but hey, they do.

Imagine you are sitting in KFC with pals. All of them using smartphones with latest technology with , and there u are staring to the wall as everyone is busy checking in some apps, camwhoring like forever and busy taking pics with the food for some artistic purposes. There u are, u never care what smartphone does, u are not into geeky things, but you'll be left out. being adult mean that u'll have to earn your own money to survive. 

By surviving i dont only imply on living, but living in a good quality of life. u can earn rm500/month and live with fellow bangladeshi sharing home for cheaper rents, using cheap 2ndhand phone without data plan or even camera, and enjoy walking as your primary transportation. Happy or not, it depends on you. some people found solution by learning the concept of 'grateful, 'syukur' by heart, making none of these nonsense affect their life. not that much, a little perhaps. 

And hey, save a lot before u go into adulthood, be a street-smart, get rid of the 'the world is cruel and dangerous' phobia in u and have a driving license and master it. At times we'll be alone, and it will be between us, and Allah. He will protect us, insyaAllah.

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