Sunday, October 06, 2013

Funny turn of event

Today, i lost my phone.

luckily this time, it was just misplaced and found by a right person.

i was at that time post-called /post night shift , and being the anxious and kalut me, i quickly changed from blue scrub gown to my white coat. I tossed all my belongings into the white coat pocket. and leaved.

i did felt uneasy, feeling like something will go wrong, so i inspected my bag on the way back on.

and ta-dah! my phone was not in the bag, not in the white coat as well.
 i went back and searched all places i could think of, and leaved empty handed. i was tired, mentally and physically, so my thought was like "i dont care anymore, just wanna zzz. pfttt"

then at home, by coincident the streamyx guy came, and he told me that i misplaced my phone.

i was in awe.

he told me that somebody picked my phone and answered when he called. he generously lend his phone to me, so i could call to get it back. May god bless your kindness sir and reward it generously.

so i went to OT room, miserably and the truth is, i misplaced both my nametag and phone into wrong pocket of white coat. with my name tag. lol. like a lame attempt to mengorat somebody kan?

in changing room there are few white coat hanging at the same place, i must put it in the wrong one. silly.

and actually, i did guessed that earlier. i rumbled into few white coats before i got back. i guessed she might leave bit earlier than me then.

may Allah rewards all people who involved in this incident with his kindness, amin.

i might cause some trouble to the girl and people in OT room - sister, MA, nurses, drs. and one of the MA i've spoken to, i think he is my patient's father.
we'll see tomorrow whether im right or not.

moral of the story is, dont let your hope down. Allah will test us in every way. It is just a gentle reminder from Him to you. May Allah forgive my sins , amin.


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