Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I have the dream, not the attitude.

I have the dream, not the attitude.

I remember last week, when i went shopping with my dad, lil bro and lil sis at Pekan Rabu,
i've met a boy.

From his figure i guess he is a teenager.
His sclera was jaundiced, and there was prominent frontal bossing.
Great marking for a child with thalassemia.
I was astounded, as even i wards i seldom missed thalassemia patients.
Now i've one in public, if the time and place are convenient enough, for sure i'll talk and chit chat with him.

If u had seen the commercial on tv (which channel im not sure), a thalassemia patient need to do blood transplants, which the duration of each sessions is determined by the severity.
If severe enough, we might also palpate the liver and spleen, which will not be in normal people like most of us.

gambar ihsan google

So, i keep telling myself, dreaming alone, will never be enough.
I need the attitude, tho. I might not care much to be the best, but al least, i should try the best.

If u ask me, why i have chosen this path,
i will answer,
it is there in me, since forever.
The more i know, the more anxious I'll be.
The more i know, the more observant I'll be,
The more i know, the more the feeling of wanting to help l've felt.

all i need is the attitude.

O'Allah, grant me things that i needed, let em be in my heart, and let me be strong to perform and fulfill em, and do not let me be far from your path. Amin


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