Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Paediatrics Posting

Asalamualaikum all.

I was officially registered 4/7/2010. Mean that it had been 3 days, since the new sem started.

Telling u the truth, im pretty nervous and anxious about this whole new sem.
Its clinical year, and despite all the bad rumors spreading around from our beloved senior, lol, about how hectic and busy the life could be, im now in their old shoes.

Well, its totally different from theoretical years. 1st and 2nd year, we've been attending lectures, i can comfortably sleeping at the bench while the lecturers giving lectures, and can always read for it later. All days is about lectures, labs and tutorials. I can always go back to hostel whenever I want, the distance wasn't that far. I can skip class happily. :P
I think I have fun back then, and gonna miss those all years for sure. :)

Clinical years, allow us to be in wards whenever we want.
We can go here and there, nobody gonna say a thing to us (well they will , its hyperbola obviously)
Im in 3rd group, started with Pediatrics and Adolescent posting.
Lucky me, i started my years with KIDS. I adore kids, not a fan of em that much, seriously, i cuddles my cat better that holding the babies.   Im afraid to hold em, as i always been warned that babies are fragile. There are lots of dos and donts of babies,  i decide not to hold em until they are big enough. :D

Examining babies is a top to toe process. The major difference, or you may say it as challenge if u want, is they cant talk, they cant tell whats their own problem. So in babies, you have to be more creative, observant and alert. and of course, care about em.

Babies are always cute and charming, arent they? Seeing their cute, tiny handsand fingers, awww haha. Some of em even smiles at us, despite they are sick actually. Some have serious condition, and looking at their mother faces always inspire me something.

Life might be hard, but those little hands and fingers will always make you life something else.
My Mak Long once told me, Allah is great, He puts everything a mum ever need in single source :their own child.
My ustazah told me, once you have kids, you fear nothing, all for those little tiny hands and feet.

LOVE make mother SUPERHUMAN. kan?


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