Thursday, July 22, 2010

Belum Sampai Masanya

Recently, thanks to me, marriage is a hot topic in our house.
We usually gather at dining room, talk and discuss abouty this 'love' matter.
Nope, we are not gossiping about her or the BF of ours.
ten of us, alhamdulillah, super singles.

The kind of love we all longing for is the one after the akad nikah happens,
to put in simple words. loving a husband, and a family.
If u ask me, what type of guy did i prefer/dreamed,

the answer will be, READ JAJA & DIN.

And i want one, who resembles Din. :D

(bertukar bahasa)

so sekarang ni, nama samarannya ialah Din. hehe

moga dipermudahkan Allah.. amin...

Apa ciri teman hidup yang korang idamkan pulak?

p/s-tok, please stop asking or else i'll find one and get married while im still studying. muahahaha
my mum and dad will faint i think!

#2 please visit this site! Super interesting! 
#3 added link from kak cik zala! muslim manga groups


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