Friday, July 02, 2010

Saying Hi to New Semester, New Life

 Now im doing some packing. Im bringing way too much things to hostel again, i think, sigh
But i cant anyhow seems to leave some behind.. Everything seems like important, to me, well some craps are important, right??

 me, lah-zeeh time

Tomorrow, we will officially register at Sungai Buloh. If you haven't notice, here is the post about it.
Im bit hyped up to get to this brand new semester? Why?
Because its gonna be totally different from my theoretical years.
FYI, im going to semester 5 this time,

Its going to be different, so different that without proper attitude i will sure flunked my exam.
Clinical Year is lot more tougher than previous years ( i think).
If you still wanna be a lazy bum, and refuse to do your own reading and going to lala-land instead of studying,
i think you will get scolded by lecturers who are also fierce, scary doctors (this is my imagination)
And they gonna rip off your face. (metaphor)
Lol. Well, not all clinicians are scary right? Well Vietnamese Dr are soo damn nice. Most of em.
Malay Doctor? The young one seems to be ok, nice and strict, but not the "warghhh" type.
I had known, and warned about several doctors who may make you getting goosebumps.
But great, they are going to make me study! (Lillahi Taa'la of course)

Ok, there are my resolutions for this new sem. We can take em as checklist, for the lol later, for reference.

1. be more organised
2. divide time for study and playing (Theres no way im gonna quit HuHa-ing)
3. exercise more, (might be a walk to the nursery in the evening- lovely flowers!)
4. revise previous lessons ( seems to forgot em all)
5. be nicer and kind to other people
6. spend more time for my own 'bekalan'
7. be a good matey to my housemates.
8. improve my looks and appearence (LOL)

i cant tell you in details. The whole world will know what a lazy bum i am. Thats for now.

Gotta packing. Ta-ta!


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