Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Doctor's Limit

" doktor, kalau selalu la, orang tua, dia pergi hospital, warded dalam seminggu, then doctor kata, dia bagi balik, apa maksudnya? Adakah sebab memang dia dah boleh balik, atau 'bagi balik'?"

I can see from Dr Effat face, she somewhat frowning, while smiling, try to utter best words.

"You know, when you become a doctor someday, there is moment when patient come to you, with a really chronic stage, they somewhat reach blindness, brain dead, coma..

As a doctor, we try to resuscitate them, give them medicines, and waits for the rest. And then, if the condition not improved, we asked the family, whether to bring her back. No use staying in the hospital, knowing nothing can be done, not anymore. "

Sort of, I don't really remember what her exact words.
But i did get the message.
Not in very direct way, she try not to say it too frank neither trying to hide the facts.


in a crowded govern hospital especially, dr cant keep a patient that long.
not because the penny is not pretty enough, T_T people used to think that
but to avoid the risk of getting hospital acquired infections,
to avoid gloomy, stress and sick atmosphere which every hospitals owned, regardless how beautiful the architecture is;
to allow other needy patient to take their turn in... its the priority

gambar hiasan

It is best to discharge them, rather than 'keeping' them in,
and knowing NOTHING can be done, except to treat them symptomatically, kill the pain, reduce the fever and so on

like diabetes, a chronic one,
once the complications start occurring at you, usually at the age of 5th decade,
you have to get ready for several multiple continuous attack of other sickness,
once you get retinopathy you have to get ready of blindness, which if occurs it surely terminal
nothing can be done anymore. Sight is a one time gift, rare people get it for second time.
nephropathy, or 'buah pinggang rosak'
once you get it you have to accept your new life partner, dialysis machine. so on.

The keyword is , Dr can try anything to help, but dr cant help everything

that is what we called as limitation
To avoid disappointment, both in dr's side, and patient's side.
Dr want to cure, want to treat, but it is not on them who decide
Patient, their family and friends, want to see they cured, healed, live long and happy, but again its not on them to decide

Sabda Rasulullah s.a.w. yang bermaksud :
" Demi Allah yang jiwaku ditangannya !Tidaklah Allah memutuskan sesuatu ketentuan bagi seorang mukmin melainkan mengandungi kebaikan baginya. Dan tiadalah kebaikan itu kecuali bagi mukmin . Jika ia memperolehi kegembiraan dia berterima kasih bererti kebaikan baginya , dan jika ia ditimpa kesulitan dia bersabar bererti kebaikan baginya ".
( Riwayat Muslim )

Remember, the One and Only who destined our fate?
It is His Decision, His Power, His Love and Blessing

Often, were are too proud to accept the fate.
Blaming others for carelessness, not skillful enough, not concern enough, double standard, corruption, bias, blablabla..
Often when we have something called as knowledge, power, money and status,
we become the so called forgetful human.

Dan firman Allah s.w.t yang bermaksud :
" Dan alangkah baiknya jika mereka redha dengan apa yang Allah dan Rasulnya berikan kepada mereka sambil mereka berkata : ' Cukuplah Allah bagi kami , Ia dan Rasulnya akan berikan pada kami kurnianya ,Sesungguhnya pada Allah kami menuju ".
( Surah At Taubah : Ayat 59 )


wallahua'lam. :)
pardon my language.


  1. Doktor pun manusia biasa..
    mereka hanya berusaha..
    segala2nya bergantung kepada Allah s.w.t.
    kalau dah memang ajal, cucuk la kat mana2 pun, bagi la rawatan apa pun, takkan berkesan..
    doktor kena cepat fikir, cepat buat keputusan..

    p/s : teringat alasan yg cikgu fauziah add math bagi, sebab apa kena blajaq add math..nak latih kita wat keputusan ngan pantas..hu3

  2. smpai skrg aku berdoa agar ada doktor yg bisa menyembuhkan ............

    lgpown, mmg cita2 dr kecik nk suami doktor



  3. ok...bye..nk smbung study


  4. akmal,
    nampak sangat aku kuat tidoq waktu kelas dia. aku tak tau pun alasan dia camtu..


    hehe nak ke ana perkenalkan kat ante? hehehehhe

  5. syahdunye...huhu..
    i like it..a dr's limit..
    only Allah is the Greatest one..

  6. dia bukan cakap tyme kelas..
    dia gtau tyme taklimat add math..ada yg lepas pmr kalo x salah,yang kat bilik mesyuarat tue..hehe

  7. all, thanks. :D

    hehe ingat2 lupa. time tu semangat lagi nak beljar addmath.

    thanks for the compliment. alhamdulillah.


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