Saturday, December 05, 2009


not bad kan? i love to put the date in pic tapi nampak cacat la pulak kan?
if u notice they were taken around raya haji.

well let me give a bit review bout this camera. Luv-Luv FACTORS

Super slim, easy to carry around,
Image quality, from the eye of noob and regular user like me, it is a WOW.
Image Stabiliser, works for my super shaky hand. ( my previous camera was olympus, and i cant really used it as 9/10 pic i take out of it, it turns blurr.
Battery life, im okay with it. Can use it all day long for 3 day without charging. No-No FACTORS
Digital Zooming, BAD. Ouch
Image produced are not sharp (i read it from some review, had to agree with it)

but being a normal user, im satisfied enough.
Tapi saya rasa kena explore lebih lagi, sebab rasa this IXUS 100 can performed much more better. Agree?

Well thinking of getting DSLR maybe, after this?


  1. hehe..
    how much?
    macam cool je ley ikut membeli pasni..
    i need a review which cam i should buy..bukan dslr cuz it's super expensive..huhuhu...sedih

  2. kenwooi,

    masih belajar merangkak lagi.

    kena tengok budget gak.
    like me, i went to survey first. rasa berkenan mana2 kamera, terus cari review. forum lowyat ada banyak otai2 yang share pandangan bernas.

    if u got high budget, still can go for prosumer (half dslr half compact)


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