Saturday, October 24, 2009

'letter' from maxis broadband

Dear valued costumer,

i cheated to you cos when you bought my service i said its unlimited. Yeap, unlimited to 3GB PER MONTH.
when u go to maxis center the girls there tell me oh no need to change the plan cos you already subscibe unlimted package.
but when you email the Customer?-Who-Cares? we keep repeating 3GB only!!

If you exceeded the limit, we will throttled down your bb speed. We put it down in the registration form you signed earlier.
see it lah,
of course we didnt tell you that before. its business strategy plan!

We try to call you to inform you this matter but we are so smart that we call you just once when you are in your class, toilet, whatsoever condition that might make u unable to answer the phone. We called you just once because we cant bear the caller ringtone. -love story by taylor swift. well we do prefer KORN rather than her.

earlier when you subscribe our package, you never experienced this because we are trying hard to make you stay with us.
well we do valued you anyway.

but after time passes we decided not to be so generous that we cut the speed exactly when it exceed the limit.
that is why you can now experienced 10 days high speed per month and there rest wahahaha who is the one to be the greed one??
even you just opened plain facebook, blogger, youtube without any additional movie, song download etc etc.

well err we of course didnt inform you we just make the policy stricter. you should be glad we didnt suspend your account.

of course we didnt tell you when we reset the bandwith but we do tell you every 10th of every month we let the bills in.

there is no resolution for this. we are damn lazy.

but we do advise you stick to googling only, use lite facebook, shut down your blog, throw your camera away so you dont have to upload the pics, banned youtube, dont download movies-just buy the pirate one,

BTW make this email confidential. will ya?

thank you.

your not so sincerely,

lord voldemort

disclaimer** this a real-life made up story by a 5 year old boy who couldnt speak korean. we do not say its true,
but you can believe it as well, as you know people do believe harry potter is flying out there somewhere with his broomstick.

we do not responsible with ANYTHING which might come out after this story publish to this cruel world.



  1. aku percaya surat tu ade kebenarannya...
    aku pun pernah ckp pasal ni dgn promoter maxis..

    aku jugak percaya ader org yg manipulate servis bb ni sbg business strategy plan sprti yg diperkatakan tadi...
    aku pun guna bb maxis gak...
    2 minggu jer ok...
    selebih tu mcm nak lumpuh...
    bukak google pun sangkut2...
    aku call opismate kat network centre dia x boleh wat ape2 sbb mmg x der masalah...

    sebenarnyer mmg x der masalah dgn bb maxis ni sbb bila customer complain 3g slow kat tmpt diorang bila kite cek site(pencawang) ok jer...
    aku bekas technician maxis sbnrnyer...
    aku slalu call ex-opismate psl perkara ni...
    dia cuba cek site then x der apa2...
    ok jer...

  2. wehh kelakar giler doohh pakai la celcom hahaha

  3. zala wajik,
    roflmao :))

    all part was obviously made up except the part it was written by lord voldemort. he somehow used to work with maxis in past. :P

    Ries lee,
    2, 3 bulan ni ja. aku search kat lowyat dorang ada sebut pasal policy ni memang dah ada cuma baru dikuatkuasakan. still bit unfair la kan?

    still kena tunggu next month. *sigh
    skang pun gna internet kolej

    si lampu neon
    geram sgt tu yg sarcastic tu. wahaha


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