Tuesday, October 06, 2009


I have a black little bag, or you might call it pouch, whatever the name is.

Its black and quite plain. After a while i decide to put some 'spices; to it.

Here we go.

We gonna need :

a bag
UHU glue or whatever you like
cute ribbons
cute buttons and pin

firstly using glue, attach the ribbons around bag.

like this.

then cut 3 pieces of ribbons into three different sizes. the shorter one will be used to tie the ribbon together.

make loops from the ribbons and glue them together

use the desired one and put it on the center. glue em together
put it anywhere you like. add up cute buttons and small buttons.

TADDAA there we are! finished!

pstt... believe me im not that girly. wahaha


  1. so sweettt... meh tolong buatkan gitu utk hakak blehhh???

  2. sweetnyerr.. leh tahan lamer ker tewww.. ehehe


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