Thursday, February 26, 2009

curiosity or caring?

blaming and blaming
have i ever blamed myself?

yup! for everything
for why people just cant love me
for why people wouldnt just like me
for why people just couldnt understand me
and for why i feel like all are ignoring me

its like a hole in your pants
people are looking at you
some pity you
some are laughing at you
some are busy commenting of how shameful of you
some didnt want to look at you

but nobody come for an aid
nobody come and tell me
"hey ya, your pants are torn, lets sew it up"

if im so wrong, i am the one who ask too much
im the one who with bad attitude
im the one who make people uneasy of me
tell me!
i dont know
i really dont know where did i go wrong
if i walk bend, pull me straight
if i fall into a hole, hold me tight
i ask for advice, for care and for love
is it too much?
is it?

Selanjutnya taip di sini untuk paparan penuh.


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