Tuesday, March 04, 2014

The taste of housemanship

Hello all.

Its been awhile isnt it? My life as a junior houseman had just begin, and im still adapting.

Taste of first posting - Paediatric
During medical school, i dont enjoy peads posting that much. Im not that excited to go to wards/bedside teaching.

Surprisingly, i like my peads posting as a HO so much. So.....damn much.
I like it so much that im not calculative about my time, i can go back as late as i wishes, and come back working as usual the next day.
I enjoyed my rounds and my patients.
I think 50% of it were due to nice specialists and MOs.
Somemore peads is my last posting in medical school. My knowledge are fresh, i remember a bit of everything making job easier.
My senior said that it is because my first posting where people expect less from you and kindly showed you your way around. And they said because in peads the decision making is so MO-dependant.
Which i truly disagreed. Before i informed MO about anything, ill make sure i know all the management i should be anticipating, and MO just there to say 'yes u may proceed.'

Well, i've passed peads alhamdulillah.

In peads posting i learn something new about myself- i love kids.
i never know that.
im not that kind of girl yang 'ololoo cute miut baby ni mai auntie dukung'
im the kind of 'oh. baby.cute.' the end.

How it works
Rotation in hospital sultanah bahiyah goes like this
Wards - 5A(respiratory), 5B(general+onco+surgical), 5D (used to be jaundice and AGE ward, now general)
NICU - cot room (stable babies), intermediate (not that stable babies). semi intensive (not stable) and intensive (need intensive care)
PICU and PHDW - bosses do all the job, u just there to help them write/order something/trace results/refer

Some'll be posted to clinic as well, priority is to senior poster.

Some quick notes
-HSB had the biggest NICU in Malaysia, so the number of babies in there, is like school of babies. Beware of the feeding time where they'll all cry in the same time. lol
-HSB is a computerized hospital.
-But peads used BHT system(BHT is the patient's file) , mean that u writes review on paper, but for other things such as investigations, referral etc you'll do it in the computer.. In other department, u'll key in all review in computer. (except medical, i think)
- Peads MO reputation in HSB?--> nicest MO in the hospital. thats the feedback from most of HOs. But gossipy. : P (gossiping is a norm in life kan, chill!)
-Stick with your paediatric protocol, super helpful. Bring along calculator and frank shann.
- I usually went to work around 0615H. Except in 5B where the bos (the HOD) do rounds around 6am. I went at 5am.
- enjoy the babies' cry. Let it be the music to your ear. Dont back up when they cry, proceed and do your job. Ask their mother to help you. Kerja baby memang main makan berak menangis kan?

How houseman get stressed?
It is a mystery. lol nope, Actually u can predict it.
I enjoyed my peads posting, but some of HO do find it stressful, even the senior poster.
I've concluded it depends on your interest, how you perceived things, how you tolerate your superior and how good is your teamwork.

After all, be positive. U need that the most.

HSB in this post = sultanah bahiyah. Not sungai buloh.


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