Sunday, June 10, 2012

Rants: On Chances and Love

Yesterday I went to One Utama, Damansara.Despite the amount of money in the account, i went there to run some errands, well more on finding good foods actually.

I was not that well, so i let nani and adlin 'free' as i strolled alone. I went Daiso, my fav place, and grabbed myself few things. Then I left for Jusco as I had to buy Demox's wet food.

When im strolling alone, i was wondering, what if im not in my twenties? I started to imagine myself being 30s, 40s, and 50s, walking alone, with no one beside me like this.  I sighed.
Being lonely  is perfectly ok, dont get me wrong. But it is nice to have somebody to share thoughts, chatting and even arguing with you. It is more, err fun than beng alone and swimming in your own thoughts.

If I felt tired, I'll sit down. I once sat beside Chinese 2 kids who playfully poking each other. I smiled to them both, offering the empty seat as the boy who previously sat on the spot, shyly moved when I sit down.

Will I have the oppoturnity to have kids on my own?

On my right, was a Chinese girl, reading the 'siri pengembaraan' book that I loved. She was with her granny. I overheard her granny talking about mother who died, which become the cause why she has no mother. (I wonder whose mother?) Then she explained, the baby also died inside her. (I cant really hear them, just some parts)

One a part, i was touched.

"One day, popo will also die. It is natural."

The loving granny with her warmest tone also explained why her skin is wrinkling. "My skin is like this, because i am old. One day you also will be old."

Will I have the same chance as the granny, to be xplaining things to my grandchildren? Or will I have chance to tell stories of prophet Muhammad, the prophets series or their sahabat to my own generation?

Then the little girl moved, going with somebody she called auntie. The granny sat alone, looking down to the escalator. (we sit on the chair beside the escalator)

Then his husband came. She was hassling, asking why he came from that direction, as she was expecting he come from another. As she was bising-bising to his husband, she smiled and winked at me. I smiled back.

"Married people quarrel not beacuse they hate each other, it is a way of communication." My cousin once told me.

Disagreeing shouldnt change our affection toward each other. It is a form of communication.


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