Tuesday, July 14, 2009

i wear hijab and i am proud of it!

In 2006 i was the chosen one, selected over few candidates to join CHINA-ASEAN YOUTH SUMMER PROGRAM.
the reason why i am chosen was simple, i learn a bit Mandarin and i was pretty good in the subject back then in school. (but now i cant even write 'wo'. Lupa.)

While i was in Beijing i noticed that every time we visited somewhere there were eyes following me. Not that because i was damn gorgeous , but because i was wearing tudung or hijab.

even my fellow asean group mates wondered why i was wearing 'veil' all the time? Didnt i feel hot? ( it was summer remember?)

at that time there are 3 girls in our trip that are Muslims. Another two are pretty ladies from Indonesia.

Gita, my roommate that time suddenly cried as soon she get back to the room. And when i ask her why, she told me that she cant be at ease with eyes following her all around like she is some sort of criminal or terrorists-that is what people use to describe muslim nowadays. she had been to many countries but she never experienced that.

In contra, i love the limelight that they were giving me. Every time people stare at me, i smiled, and waved at them. Generously they smiled and waved back at me.
See? am i giving good impression of muslims? (bwahaha perasan)

A pretty chinese girl about 5 years old said 'hi' to me. then we were having simple chat using English of course, impressive for a 5 years old. ( majority of them is non-English speaker). she asked me about my hijab and i answered her curiosity.

A middle age chinese women too, asked me about my hijab. This time she does not know even a bit of English. I hardly explained to her using my poor mandarin with aid of sign languange -lol. Sort of like what we say ayam itik bercakap. The conversations miraculously end well and we were exchanging waves and smiles before parting.

And while we were visiting great castle in front of Tianmen square, there were people from other countries who by looks only i can say its impossible to tell what their religion are,
and they were giving me salam! wonderful isnt?

at pearl tower shang hai, a group of local folk asked us to take a picture with them and keep praising us of how were look beautiful and cute in our hijab.
ni shi hen ke ai, hen piao liang.

muslims are normal human, we love peace, making friends, and we have no hatred towards other religions.

A chinese friend i met at skype, a malaysian ask me why muslim women wears tudung/hijab? and while some are not?
at that time i cant answer him well. pity eh? shame on me.
(i put the blame on my bad english muahahaha)

i was wondering why i cant answer his questions well after how may years i wear hijab.

then i discovered the answer, that...

I never questioned God of why i have to wear hijab. i just wear it without any doubt, curiosity, guilt, not even feeling that i am forced to.
This hijab im wearing is a faith, from God who know me the best.

there are time when we totally believe something we never questioned it. am i the only one who think like that?

*pardon my bad english, vocab, subject-verb agreement, grammar etc. lama dah tinggal karangan english tau.... hihi


hugs and kisses


  1. great language utk buat karangan... biar berterabur janji ada usaha nak buat satu citer.. hoho... nice video...

  2. tula sbenanye pakai hijab ni akan wat seseorg pompuan tu lebih manis n nmpk sopan2 ayu gitu sesuai wt bini~keh3~

  3. kill-vearn
    adosss kenapa aku terasa? haha
    bahasa karangan sangatkah?

    kak maryam
    hijab is a must fo whom love herself kan?

  4. sedang belajar memperkasakan tudung!
    love tudung..
    sebab tudung tu dapat mengelak kita dari pelbagai mende jahat

  5. Salam,
    i like this one. tambah2 ayat 'memperkasakan tudung' :D


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