Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I do envy you, people

Being 'malas study' never be a pride of mine. Im ashamed of myself, told ya.
So dont come and tell me how you envy me for barely passing exams due to this.
Every time i passed, with flying colours or not, i had to take a deep breath, and praise Allah for love He gave me, unconditionally.

Im not lucky.
Im just an ego bastard who Allah wants me to pass.
(err sound like lucky aye?)
Facelessly, i pray to Allah, and asked Him to grant me good results
and I?
I do envy you, who spend time with your usrah group, without being LAZY.
I do envy you, who spend time revising notes and read books for your course, without being LAZY
I do envy you, who spend evenings and nights playing sports, without being LAZY

Now you know, im imperfecto..

And it takes forevor to me to really understand that.

Lazy is a work of satan. and nafsu rite?

Then i've failed the test.

klik gambar utk besaqkan. I love to sing this.


  1. skrg ni online kat jitra kedah ek?
    pakai mozila dan window 7
    kan kan?


  2. lol
    itunamanya histat cik aqilah

  3. I do envy u nadz.
    Because of ur motivation to muhasabah urself. :)

  4. sidratul muntaha,

    i only muhasabah.. and most of the time, im unable to make any move.. then please dont envy me. if i do change after each time i looked back on my own self, please, envy. :P

  5. Salam,

    no worries nadz.
    selagi roh x sampai di kerongkong, kite sume ada peluang.
    its not the matter sape yg 'envy' kn sape..
    everyone has the chance to change.
    kite sume sama je di sisi Allah melainkan status keimanan kite yg berbeza2.
    iman turun dan naik. jap on jap off..
    lumrah lah kite ni as hamba Allah yg lemah cuma kite jgn putus asa dan terus bermujahadah !




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